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     IFS Healing Circle: Finding Connection in a Disconnected World

September 12 - October 31, 2023, 8 weeks

Every Tuesday from 4:00-6:00 PM



Our group is designed to explore connection to self and others through the lens of Internal Family Systems - IFS.

IFS is an evidence-based model of psychotherapy. It’s based on the idea that we all have parts as well as a Self. The Self is present in all of us. It's identified by qualities such as love, compassion, curiosity, presence, wholeness and wisdom.

Anger, hurt, fear, and shame can be seen as protective mechanisms, preventing us from feeling vulnerable to other people. When these feelings arise, we often put up barriers to protect ourselves from connecting to others out of fear of being hurt or rejected. This can lead to a feeling of loneliness and isolation as we entrench our distrust of others, preventing us from forming deeper connections. 

We’ll explore our Parts using:

  •  Meditation

  •  Dyads

  •  Large group exercises

  •  IFS sculpting (psychodrama)

  •  Parts mapping

  •  Journaling


Some experience or knowledge of IFS is required before joining the group.  It is recommended that you  have participated in IFS therapy or have gained a basic understanding of the types of Parts - Managers, Firefighters, Exiles and of Self. Richard Schwartz’s book, No Bad Parts or any other book on IFS is recommended.

A consultation with Michelle George is required before applying to determine if this group is the right fit for you. 


                                                                              Please bring a journal                                                                                                  


About Michelle George, MA, LPCC, SEP: I am a certified Level 1 IFS therapist. I also have full certification in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). I have been practicing these somatic modalities since 2015 and have been a licensed psychotherapist since 2018. I have a private psychotherapy practice in Santa Fe.


Please contact Michelle at:


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